Artist and musician

I am a member of Greenwich Printmakers, where you can buy my hand-printed, limited edition etchings. My art is also for sale at Etsy.com and at the Capital Art Gallery and Hundred Years Gallery in Hoxton, London. I try to get new works up on Instagram @CatherineGerbrands


Since 2009, Catherine has been collaborating with Jowe Head (Swell Maps, Television Personalities) and recorded and performed with Rotten Bliss, Rude Mechanicals, Katharine Blake (Mediæval Bæbes) and Michael J York (The Witching Tale), David Lance Callahan, and on KatieJane Garside’s Geiger Counter.

Catherine is a singer and multi-instrumentalist, specialising in musical saw and theremin.

Her current project 7-Headed Raven, with cellist and tenor Tim Bowen, soprano Liene Rudziša Kokle (Latvian plucked zither) player and bass Dave Hollander, draws on traditional folk music.